Paul Patti is a successful Cyber Security and Technology Governance Consultant – delivering consulting services across his Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane client base, since 1994.

With more than twenty-five years of success in executive appointments across private and public enterprises, Paul draws upon his proven technical capacity to design and deliver balanced, agile programs - with the commercial focus of value, performance and schedule.

He excels in business and systems analysis, balanced and agile definition and solution delivery; his acumen is confirmed, both by his clients and the success of his projects.


Paul has a record of applying business excellence and transformational leadership to the Defence, Border Force, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Aviation, Human Services and Education portfolios.  He is decisive, passionate, analytical and energetic. 

He has been a member of the Australian Institute of Project Management and an associate fellow of the Australian Institute of Project Management.  AGILE and PRINCEII are his preferred delivery vectors.


As a capable professional author of more than 260 papers and a  proven public speaker, he delivers inciteful commentary on the art of secure project delivery in government. 


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Paul Patti is a proven and pragmatic Equine Manager and Trainer of both horse and rider; seriously riding, training and caring for performance horses in Adelaide, Albury and Canberra since 1982, servicing more than 50 horse and rider combinations.

He excels in building calm, confident, strong and supple horses - in partnership with motivated rider/owners. Pony club starters to Advanced competitors, all have a home at "Paudebaire Farm".


His farm is well established to deliver excellent, safe outcomes for riders and horses.